MonaVie a Miracle Cure?

Check out what Dr. Andy has to say about MonaVie being a miracle cure in a special article. Dr. Andy is definitely a skeptic but states "if you already drink MonaVie and it's working for you, then don't stop. However for the rest of you, consider MonaVie another healthy fruit juice, and don't expect any miracles."

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Joel said...

Amen Dr Andy!! I think he actually stole my comments from my Quixtar Files Lawsuit Against MonaVie blog post.

"Your $140 a month may be better spent on a gym membership and more fresh fruit in your diet."

Anonymous said...

Monavie does not make any claims to be a cure for any disease or cancer. I'm very skeptical of this Dr Andy guy. He is just looking for publicity in my opinion. He probably just wants to keep pushing his meds into his clients. Why should he be behind a natural way to be healthy?

Monavie Acai Berry said...

I love the purple juice!

Anonymous said...

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